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Recruiting Diverse Talent

Build teams that reflect your audience.

2 Hours

Virtual or In-Person

Did you know that team diversity improves organizational creativity, innovation and efficiency?

A report by Deloitte found that diverse organizations are up to 20% more innovative and 30% more effective at risk identification.

The Recruiting Diverse Talent workshop provides leaders with the knowledge and frameworks to effectively and authentically recruit diverse talent across sectors.

Note: All Recruiting Diverse Talent workshop content complies with Canadian Provincial and Territories labour codes.

This workshop will cover

A foundational understanding of the challenges associated with recruiting diverse talent and the methods for overcoming them.

A framework to embed diversity into each stage of the recruitment process (preparing the job description, posting the job, promoting the job etc.)

An introduction to the most effective bias-limiting candidate assessment techniques.

Your Facilitator

Dwaine Taylor

Dwaine has spent a decade helping charities, nonprofits, and higher education institutions successfully develop community impact programs, establish employee engagement initiatives, and implement equity, diversity and inclusion policies. He has hired, trained, and coached dozens of teams and built equitable hiring guidelines for various organizations, from post-secondary institutions to professional associations.

Foundations starting at
  • 2 hours
  • Delivered virtually or in person
  • Standard content

*Excludes travel, accommodations, per diems and taxes

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